Centrelink Partner Income Test Increased To $79,000

Australians applying for Centrelink can now get support if their partner earns up to $79,000, Scott Morrison announced on Monday.

The PM said the government has boosted the threshold from about $48,000, which would allow more Australians to receive support during the coronavirus pandemic.

The change means an applicant's rate of welfare won't be affected unless their partner earns more than $79,762 a year.

Morrison also announced a massive $130 billion will be allocated in the next six months to keep Aussies employed.

Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg announced the Jobkeeper package on Monday. Image: 10 News First

The 'JobKeeper' payment is different from Centrelink's 'JobSeeker' payment.

Businesses will be paid up to $1,500 a fortnight, per employee, for the next six months

Payments will start flowing into accounts from the first week of May, they will be backdated to March 1.

Read more about the 'JobKeeper' payment here. 

Are You Eligible For Centrelink?

If you're suddenly out of work, caring for someone with coronavirus, or had your shifts reduced, you're now eligible to receive Centrelink payments under the JobSeeker payment.



With Millions Facing Unemployment, Are You Eligible For Centrelink?

Close to two million Australians will suddenly become unemployed during the coronavirus pandemic, with many navigating the welfare system for the first time. But are you eligible for Centrelink?

Payments have been boosted by $550 a fortnight. However, you'll have to wait until April for the payments to reach your pocket.

Workers across the board can apply, including permanent employees, sole-traders, those who are self-employed and casual and contract workers.

You'll need to be an Australian citizen or resident between 22 and 66 years old who's looking for work, and have an income that meets Centrelink's test limits.

There will also be two $750 payments for welfare recipients including students, parents, farming households and job seekers.

To be eligible you must be under 24 years old and a full-time student, or 21 years old or younger and looking for work.



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