'Fortress Tasmania': Non-Essential Travellers To Be Quarantined From Midnight

Any non-essential travellers who arrive in Tasmania will be quarantined for 14 days, in what the Tasmanian Premier said is the strongest border measures in the country.

Premier Peter Gutwein announced the measure on Saturday in a bid to create a 'fortress Tasmania' to curb the spread of COVID-19.

"From midnight on Sunday, any non-essential traveller arriving in the state, either through our airports or through our ferry port, will be placed into self quarantine for 14 days, in a government-run facility," he said.

"Fortress Tasmania is what we want, and we will ensure that we manage this, that we take every necessary step."

Gutwein also said overnight the sate had an additional one coronavirus case confirmed bringing the state's tally to 59.



Australians Arriving Home From Overseas Will Be Quarantined Immediately In Hotels

Scott Morrison has strengthed self-isolation requirements of Australians arriving home from overseas, announcing mandatory quarantine in hotels for two weeks before they are allowed to return home.

More to come.