Woolies Will Hire 20,000 New Staff To Meet 'Unprecedented Demand'

Woolworths are looking to hire up to 20,000 new staff over the next month to meet demand caused by coronavirus panic buying.

The supermarket giant is hiring roles across it supermarkets, e-commerce, supply chain and drinks businesses.

New jobs are expected to ease the strain in stores, and help the chain deal with an increase in online orders.

Woolworths Group CEO Brad Banducci said in a statement the supermarket's "top priority" was customer and team safety in the face of the pandemic -- which has led to a stronger approach to cleaning and hygiene.



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"As we do this, we will have more hours for existing team members and additional roles to fill as we focus on meeting the needs of our customers and communities," he said.

"These new roles will not only help us better serve the increase in demand we’re seeing in stores right now, but also allow us to scale up home delivery operations in the months ahead."

Woolworths' immediate focus is to redeploy employees of the ALH group who lost their jobs due to bar closures. About 3,000 of these workers have been given roles in the Group's bottle shops and supermarkets.

“We’re also preparing to offer up to 5,000 short-term roles to Qantas Group employees taking leave without pay, including more than 1,500 in our distribution centres," Banducci said.



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Woolworths is also looking to help rehire workers at Village Entertainment, the now-defunct Michael Hill Jewellers, Cotton On, Accor and Super Retail Group.

Thousands of short-term, casual roles will be made available to employees from these businesses, as well as more for those who have applied in store or at the counter.

The majority of these roles are in NSW, where the Group has 5,700 to fill. There are 5,000 in Victoria, 4,700 in Queensland, 2,100 in WA and 1,320 in South Australia.

In Tasmania, 600 new roles are ready to be filled, 300 in the ACT and 250 in the Northern Territory.