'Shark' Sighting At Popular Sydney Swimming Spot

A juvenile shark is believed to have been spotted near the Bay Run, in Sydney's inner west, with its fin poking just above the water in an area sometimes used by children for wading and kayaking.

The possible baby shark was spotted by the keen-eyed children of resident Charles Fish.

"After a scooter with my six-and-seven-year-old down to Rodd Point for a quick exercise break, their sharp little eyes picked out what looked like a baby Bull shark swimming around," Fish told 10 daily.

"They said, 'Dad this working from home is awesome!"

The Bay Run is a popular 7km walking and cycling track surrounding Iron Cove, near the inner-west suburb of Drummoyne.

Aware of his fitting last name for shark spotting, Fish shared his video on Facebook.

"Looks like a juvenile shark swimming around Rodd Point yesterday but I'm no angler (this may come as a surprise)," he wrote.

"Can anyone confirm? And if so -- how far away is the mama..."

A little surprise for those walking or riding around the Bay Run in Sydney. Image: Charles Fisher

The ocean creature is filmed exploring the water, coming close to the edge of the bay.

Although appearing to swim peacefully, the sighting did spark concern for some.

"I swam in there the other day after the pool closed..." one Facebook user wrote.

"Oh my goodness, my kids kayak and swim in there!" another said.

Others were less surprised, with one Facebook commenting that bull sharks in particular were common in their experience.

An adult bull shark. Image: Getty

"I have been sailing in Iron Cove since 1975, before that swimming in Miller Street Baths," one Facebook user wrote.

"Over the last few years have sighted a few of them.  Dogs and kids are nearly always in the water in summer, just have to keep your eyes open."

Fish speculated these sightings could become more common.

"I think these sightings will only increase, by cleaning up our river system it's not just us that will be enticed back into the waters," he wrote.

While the jury is still out on what animal it was, there was fun in speculation.

"I hope it’s not a baby Loch Ness monster! I prefer a baby shark to that any day," one Facebook user joked.



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