Mum Devastated Her 11 Children Couldn't Attend Father’s Funeral

A Victorian family will be allowed to farewell their father together, after telling of their 'heartbreak' at having to choose which of the 11 children would be able to attend his funeral.

Carolyn Anderson told 3AW radio early on Wednesday that her mother -- who is grieving the loss of her husband who died on Sunday -- would be forced to choose which of her 11 children would be able to attend their own father's funeral.

The funeral, planned for Thursday, will fall 12 hours after the new restrictions on social gatherings come into force.

The new rules were announced by Scott Morrison late on Tuesday.

Under the new restrictions, funerals will be limited to a maximum of 10 people, who would also have to comply with the strict four square metre distancing measures already in place for indoor gatherings.



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Anderson said after taking into consideration the priest and funeral director that would leave her mum only able to choose seven of her children to come to the funeral.

Before Tuesday's announcement the family had already restricted numbers to be just family -- including her father's children, nine siblings and 18 grandchildren.

Morrison said the new restrictions -- which also limited weddings to a maximum of five people -- were a "difficult decision" to make.



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Anderson said while she understood Morrison had a "really hard job" of trying to stem the spread of the disease in the country, her family was "baffled' at the inconsistency of the restrictions put in place by the government.

“We understand corona(virus) and we are doing everything in our power to follow every rule and then to have the rules change on us when we already have a funeral planned and booked and arranged,” she told the radio program.

“The inconsistency is what baffles us.”

Anthony Morris


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She said the family's only other option was to move the funeral to Wednesday, "but how do we organise a funeral for today when it was announced at 9:20 last night."

She said she was also "baffled" at why she could go and exercise with more people than she could go to her own dad's funeral with, or stand in close proximity with more strangers on a train or public transport.

"But I can't go into a measured, clean church to say goodbye to my dad who was a strong, upstanding, beautiful man," she said.

"Of course some of us will offer not to go, but how will we have closure without being able to say bye to dad."

"Funerals can't be stopped," she continued, adding that the family had already made the "heartbreaking" decision to not have a wake in order to ensure safety.

On Wednesday afternoon, Anderson appeared on Ben Fordham's 2GB radio show, where Fordham called on both the federal and state governments to grant the family an exemption.

According to the radio progam, the Prime Minister’s office has since given "explicit permission for all 11 kids to attend the funeral". They must all still abide by other social distancing measures in place.