Citizens Are 'Rightly Dobbing' On Neighbours Breaching Coronavirus Quarantine

Police are getting numerous calls from people "dobbing" on neighbours for violating self-isolation rules, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says.

"Crime Stoppers had a number of calls increasing day by day from people who are rightly dobbing on people who should be self-isolating," Berejiklian said on Wednesday morning.

The Premier announced NSW's total cases now numbered over 1,000, but stressed half of those people acquired the illness overseas.

She said the high number of imported cases highlighted the importance of recently-arrived travellers adhering to rules about isolating at home for two weeks.

Berejiklian praised people "dobbing" on their neighbours. Image: AAP

"Unfortunately many people who are coming in from planes or from other modes of transport have acquired the disease. We know that and that's why we're ramping up not just what we do at the borders, but also what we do once those people self-isolate because the vast majority are doing the right thing," she said.

"People need to know that this is not a joke, you need to take it seriously, lives depend on it."

Newly-arrived travellers -- whether foreign or Australian citizens -- have been required to isolate, but reports have emerged of some of those people not sticking to the rules, and instead going out into the public.



Victorians In Quarantine Can Expect A Visit From Police

Victoria Police has promised to ramp up measures to enforce self-isolation requirements in the state after spot checks found people were not following the rules.

"If you need to self-isolate, or a contact of yours needs to self-isolate as a result of the contact they had with you, you need to adhere to the rules because otherwise it can be an issue of life and death," Berejiklian said.

It comes as the Premier announced the first two children in NSW under 10 years old had tested positive to COVID-19.

A two-month-old boy and a seven-year-old girl have been confirmed as having coronavirus, while cases of coronavirus in the state are now at 1,029.

Those numbers represent a rise in 211 new cases in NSW since Tuesday, the largest 24-hour jump to date.



Bondi Backpacker Who Got Coronavirus At Beach Party Warns People To Stay Home

Florencia Barreiro and 10 friends have tested positive for coronavirus after attending a party in Bondi with hundreds of people, the Argentinian told 10 daily.

NSW Health confirmed on Tuesday a 77-year-old woman, a passenger on the Ruby Princess cruise ship, had become the state's seventh coronavirus death.

More than 100 passengers aboard the ship have tested positive to COVID-19 after docking in Sydney last week.

NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said the passengers had not presented symptoms when they disembarked from the ship.

"There is no action that NSW Health could have undertaken to prevent those people acquiring the disease," she said.

"What we are working to immediately is to identify that any onward transmission from any contact from those people travelling home."

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