'We Have To Buy Time': Daniel Andrews' Plea For Australians To Help Doctors By Staying Home

Australians need to stay at home so doctors and nurses can cope with spiralling numbers of COVID-19 cases, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said, in a passionate plea for help.

Andrews urged Victorians to stay indoors and help stop the spread of the coronavirus, because "we must buy time" for health services.

"Every country in the world and Europe -- whether it be Italy, France, Spain or others, we see those horrifying scenes -- they would give everything today to have had more time earlier on," Andrews said, giving Victorians an update on Wednesday morning.

Image: 10 News First

"It is very simple. You should not be having friends over for a dinner party. Not going out shopping unless you need to... no dinner party, no shopping trip is worth a life."

Andrews warned the "curve" of coronavirus cases must be flattened, and said unless people follow instructions, "we will not flatten the curve, our hospitals system will be overwhelmed and Victorians will die."



Scott Morrison Extends Lockdown To Food Courts, Weddings, Funerals And More

"These are not things we can do now", the Prime Minister declared on Tuesday night when he told the country the lockdown will apply to overseas travel, weddings, funerals, and much more from midnight Wednesday.

He also outlined 'step two' of the state's coronavirus pandemic measures, declaring that a step three is inevitable.

"We are taking appropriate action, painful, difficult action, but necessary to slow the spread of this virus," he said.



Citizens Are 'Rightly Dobbing' On Neighbours Breaching Coronavirus Quarantine

Police are getting numerous calls from people "dobbing" on neighbours for violating self-isolation rules, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says.

The number of coronavirus cases has climbed to 466 in Victoria after 55 new cases were confirmed overnight.

Andrews said as part of stage two, Victorians must stay home if they can while kids on school holidays should not be having friends over or heading out to shopping centres.

"We said there would be stage two. I'm being really up front with Victorians, there will be a stage three.

"It is not today but it will occur and when it does I will explain it in full in clear, honest and direct terms."

He also reiterated that Victoria's 500-strong coronavirus taskforce is "not mucking about" and will visit homes to ensure residents are following mandatory isolation requirements.

"If you are doing the wrong thing you will be caught," he warned.



Victorians In Quarantine Can Expect A Visit From Police

Victoria Police has promised to ramp up measures to enforce self-isolation requirements in the state after spot checks found people were not following the rules.

"Everyone is stepping up and Victorians need to step up too. Follow the rules. Follow the advice or people will die."

On Tuesday night Prime Minister Scott Morrison unveiled further restrictions to help curb the spread which extends to tattoo parlours, food courts, weddings and even family barbecues.