Supermarkets To Receive Stock 24/7 As Shelves Continue To Sit Empty From Panic Buying

Supermarkets across NSW will now be able to receive deliveries 24/7 in a bid to restock shelves as panic buyers continue to strip them bare.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said the State Government moved to override current local council legislation that restricts some stores from restocking their shelves and operating their loading docks outside regular business hours.

“We need to make sure these products can move from factories to shelves as quickly as possible,” Berejiklian said in a statement released today.

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Police To Patrol Supermarkets As Violence Escalates Between Panicked Shoppers

Police officers will begin to increase their presence in and around shopping centres as violence increases in the aisles over Coronavirus panic buying.

“We are moving quickly so truck drivers can make deliveries to supermarkets around the clock.

“It is important that people now stop unnecessary panic buying.”

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also condemned panic buying, deeming it "un-Australian".



'Stop Hoarding': Morrison Slams 'Un-Australian' Supermarket Panic-Buying

Scott Morrison has blasted supermarket hoarding during the coronavirus outbreak, calling out "ridiculous" behaviour from people bulk-buying essentials.

This new rule will take effect immediately and will be kept in place until the crisis is over.