Macquarie Uni Lecturer Stops Class To Call Out Alleged Sex Act

A law lecturer at a Sydney university was forced to say something about a student's alleged "below the belt" behaviour while she was live-streaming a class.

Writer Osman Faruqi posted audio of the lecturer addressing the class after realising a student was doing something inappropriate.

It's alleged the student was performing a sex act while listening to the lecture.

Macquarie University said it is aware of the alleged incident. Image: Getty

As the class is taking place, heavy breathing can be heard in the background of the audio.

The lecturer pauses the class to talk about what was occurring.

"I love it when my audiences are excited, and animated and engaged, dear Lord, but there is a limit to that," the lecturer said.

"And ironically it's the law students and the Student Code of Conduct that governs that, and with that being said, dear Lord, if you would like to have 'special love time' with your partner...

If you would like to spend time with your partner, there are some perfectly sanitised and malleable beanbags.

It is also not the first time the lecturer has had to make an announcement like this.

"This is the second time I am saying this in my career, no 'below the belt' touching in my lecture theatre please," she told the class.

Students present in the lecture theatre asked the lecturer to 'name and shame' the culprit, but she kept their identity a secret.

Macquarie University asked students to remember the Code of Conduct following the alleged sex act in class. Image: Getty

Macquarie University confirmed to 10 daily it was aware of the alleged incident.

"The lecturer took the right steps to manage the incident at that time," a spokesperson said.

"We remind students of our Student Code of Conduct in relation to their behaviour at Macquarie University."