Australia Just Experienced Its Biggest Spike In Coronavirus Cases In A Single Day

Australia experienced its largest surge in coronavirus cases in a single day, climbing by 110 to 568 confirmed cases in the last 24 hours.

When Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed the nation on Wednesday morning there were only 454 confirmed cases across the country -- we have experienced a 24 per cent spike since.

Australia's death toll also climbed to six after an 86-year-old man became the latest victim of Covid-19. He died in a Sydney hospital on Tuesday night.

NSW is the hardest-hit state by the outbreak, with the number of coronavirus cases jumping by 59 on Wednesday to 269, NSW chief health officer Kerry Chant told reporters.

The number of COVID-19 cases with no known source of transmission has also increased in NSW, according to health authorities.



Australia Closed To Tourists As PM Announces Travel Ban For Non-Residents

All non-residents will be denied entry to Australia from Friday night, in a bid to stop the spread of coronavirus.

121 cases have been confirmed in Victoria, 94 in Queensland, 37 in South Australia, 35 in Western Australia, 10 in Tasmania, three in the ACT and one in the Northern Territory.

When China reached this number of cases the government completely shut down its Hubei province, where Wuhan (the original epicentre of the virus) is the capital, meaning about 60 million Chinese citizens were placed in lockdown.

The number of new cases is steadily declining in China as the global total number of cases surges upwards to more than 214,000.



Aussies Are Stranded Abroad Despite Government Ordering Them Home ASAP

Australians have been left stranded across the world by the coronavirus outbreak, battling a lack of guidance from the government, cancelled flights, border closures and lockdowns in their desperate bid to get home.

Of those, more than 8,700 have died and at least 83,000 have recovered.

But the number of cases across Europe -- which the World Health Organisation declared as the new epicentre of the virus -- is continuing to climb.

Italy reported 475 new coronavirus deaths in a single day on Wednesday.

Australia's Federal Government has upgraded its international travel advice to a level 4 (the highest level) for the first time in the nation's history and told citizens not to travel overseas.



PM Announces Ban On All Overseas Travel, Indoor Gatherings Of More Than 100

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an indefinite ban on all overseas travel, in a detailed address on Australia's coronavirus response.

"The travel advice to every Australian is 'do not travel abroad'. Do not go overseas. That is very clear that instruction," Morrison said.

"This is an indefinite ban."

The government has also banned indoor non-essential gatherings with 100 people or more and all outdoor gatherings with more than 500 people have been cancelled.