Dying Man Claimed He Picked Up William Tyrrell With 'Best Mate'

The inquest into the disappearance of William Tyrrell has heard about a deathbed confession from a man linked to a prime suspect.

The court heard Ray Porter, who was a friend of convicted paedophile Frank Abbott, told nurses before he died last year that he gave Abbott a ride up the coast with the missing toddler on board.

Nurse Kirston Okpegbue said she had helped treat Porter at a NSW mid-north coast aged care facility when he made a confession about his knowledge of William's disappearance.

Okpegbue told the court Porter said she had a face he could trust, before telling her he drove Abbott and William 300 kilometres from Kendall.

She told police he said “I didn’t do anything wrong, all I did was give my best mate and a boy a lift”.

She claimed he then clarified he was talking about “a missing boy from Kendall” when she asked “are you talking about William Tyrrell?”.

She claimed Porter responded “yes”.

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The court also heard that Porter only had two friends that he spoke of -- one of whom was known as "Frank".

"When Ray was talking to you and had this strange conversation with you, did he say something about picking up his best friend with a cute little boy?" Gerard Craddock SC asked.

"Yes," she replied.

"Did he say something about picking them up from behind a shed at Kendall School?" Craddock asked.

She replied: "Yep ... Ray said he had picked up his best mate at Kendall School. Behind the school was a shed. From there they drove 300km (north)."

Okpegbue said Porter was distressed following the conversation and had placed his head on her shoulder.

Porter died last year, while Abbott, who is a person of interest in William's suspected abduction in September 2014, is set to testify from jail this week.

William disappeared from the front yard of his foster grandparents' house at Kendall.

Earlier, the court heard that Abbott had bragged to local townspeople that he knew where William was buried.

Danny Parish told the court that Abbott was staying on the Parish family property at Herons Creek at the time William vanished from nearby Kendall.

He said Abbott had on several occasions claimed to have knowledge of William's whereabouts and suggested that he had been buried by another local man Geoff Owens.

Owens worked on the Benaroon Drive property from which William vanished.

Craddock asked: "Did Frank Abbott say I know where William Tyrrell is, why don't you check Geoff Owen's place?"

Parish replied: "He was telling everyone in Kew."

He added that he had made the claim "many times".

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A day earlier, her brother Martin - a Baptist minister - had continually advocated for Abbott and claimed that he was innocent after he was charged with a sexual offence against a child.

Abbott was acquitted but he was subsequently convicted of abusing a child.

Abbott lived on the Parish family property in a caravan and would do handyman work for $10 an hour.

Parish said he was fearful of Abbott after he had bragged that he had twice beaten a murder charge and that "I'd go to jail anytime" because he would get "three square meals a day".

"I was scared of him from that day," he said.

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