Almost 100,000 Coronavirus Testing Kits Heading To Australia

About 97,000 new coronavirus testing kits are expected to hit Australian shores this week as the Federal Government is set to unveil further restrictions on social gatherings.

Health Minister Greg Hunt said 97,000 tests are arriving in Australia from the US and will help boost diminishing stocks.

"Our best scientists and medical experts are working around the clock to secure the supplies we need to test for and tackle the coronavirus epidemic," he said.

Currently more than 80,000 Australians have been tested for coronavirus with 452 returning a positive result. Five have died.

Fairfax reports the Therapeutic Goods Administration fast-tracked the tests onto the market -- which are able to offer a result in three hours.

This will free-up pathology and laboratories across Australia because unlike the existing tests, they are ready to use and don't need to be assembled in the laboratory first.

Health Minister Greg Hunt. Image: AAP

They had initially been tested in the market for a month before being sent abroad.

Roche Australia's managing director Allison Ross said: "It normally takes around 18 months to make a test and, in this situation, we managed to do it in six weeks."

"The global team had their fingers to the bone."

Now the industry has been asked to step up its manufacturing of items such as surgical gowns, gloves, goggles and hand sanitisers.