Australian Researchers Believe They Are Within Reach Of Coronavirus Cure

Brisbane researchers believe they are within reach of a drug that could cure coronavirus and hope to start clinical trials later this month.

Researchers at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital have used two existing drugs, one used to treat malaria and the other usually used for HIV.

Initial testing has delivered positive results for curing coronavirus.

"At the moment there's so much doom and gloom, and uncertainty, around COVID-19, I think this provides real hope," said Professor David Paterson from RBWH.

Researchers at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital believe they are close to a coronavirus cure. Image: 10 News First

With the number of infections continuing to rise across the country, researchers are hoping to fast-track clinical human trials to the end of this month.

Should trials be approved, patients at the RBWH will be the first to be offered the drug, before it is rolled out across the country.

"It makes me really proud to be someone who was born in Brisbane, grew up here to think that we can provide an answer that's going to help the whole world's population," Paterson told 10 News First.

Professor David Paterson from the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. Image: 10 News First

But researchers need more funds to keep their vital work and testing going.

The RBWH has set up a Coronavirus Action Fund for the community to donate to.

"The RBWH Foundation has established the Coronavirus Action Fund to raise funds for vital medical research and clinical trials, hospital equipment and hospital staff support," the website says.



Young, Healthy Aussies Have Huge Role To Play In Stopping Spread Of Coronavirus

Healthy young people have a social responsibility to do their part not to spread coronavirus to the vulnerable and elderly, experts have warned, adding that habit changes are necessary to stop the infectious disease.

The call to help colleagues is also being answered by senior doctors who are willing to come out of retirement.

Doctor Geoffrey Hasson, from the Australian Senior Active Doctors Association, is helping those find placements.

"There's a need, we want to help," he told 10 News First.

"Our job is to find spots that they can fill, back fill, allow younger, more active doctors to get out and do their job."