Mum Robbed While Giving Life-Saving CPR To Elderly Man

A Perth mother has told of how she was robbed by a heartless thief while performing life-saving CPR on an elderly man on the side of a road.

Latara Ogle, 30, was driving through Warnbro in Perth's south on Wednesday afternoon when she spotted a woman trying to wave down traffic.

Noticing the woman looked distressed, she pulled over to help, and found an elderly man with heart problems.

"He had stopped breathing, he had no pulse," she told WA Today,

Ogle has CPR training to help her three-year-old daughter, who has a medical condition, and is studying health sciences, so was quick to begin resuscitation.

Image: Facebook

In the midst of the hectic scene, she asked a bystander to get a resuscitation mask from her glovebox, but he never returned.

After she was able to get the elderly man breathing again she returned to her car and drove home but it wasn't until she reached her driveway that she noticed her iPad, which contained her thesis, was missing from the passenger seat.

"Unfortunately my most recent edits aren't backed up," she said. "I edited it over the past two weeks."

"It's [the iPad is] disabled -- it's no use to them. They can contact me, contact a police station or just tell me the location, I won't take it any further."

Due to the urgency of the situation, Ogle said she had not paid any attention to what the male thief looked like.

She "didn't think someone could do this".

She is yet to receive an update on the elderly man's condition.

Featured image: Facebook