Woolworths Apologises To Customers After Poo Found In Aisle

A woman and her mother have been left disgusted after they found a poo in an aisle at Woolworths.

Warning, graphic image and vision included in this story: 

Hayley Thomson claimed her mum was shopping at Woolies Corio in Victoria on Tuesday at about 3.30pm when she made the unpleasant discovery.

Thomson said she went to the store at 8.40pm to find the poo was still there.

She told 10 daily she and her mother were 'disgusted', claiming it was still in the aisle five hours later despite notifying staff about it earlier in the day.



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"No one had cleaned it up and they didn’t seem too worried about it," Thomson claimed.

"Mind you there was a whole team stocking the freezers in the aisle next to where the incident had happened."

The poo was found by a shopper at Corio Woolworths. Image: Hayley Thomson

A Woolworths spokesperson confirmed the incident had taken place at the Corio store.

"This type of behaviour is plainly unacceptable and we feel sorry for those customers and team members who were exposed to it," a spokesperson told 10 daily.

"As soon as our store management became aware of the incident, we moved quickly to conduct a thorough clean of the area."

Woolworths has asked anyone with information to contact police.