Home Where Karen Ristevski Was Killed By Husband To Sell For $1.3 Million

The home where Karen Ristevski was killed by her husband has hit the market in the same week Victorian agents were legally required to reveal information about properties' pasts.

Victorian agents were banned from "knowingly conceal(ing) any material facts” about homes, such as information about whether they'd been the site of a murder or had asbestos.

Previous laws compelled sellers and agents to disclose information if they were asked, according to

Ristevski, 47, was killed in her Avondale Heights home, north-west of Melbourne, in 2016 by her husband Borce.

He had told police the couple had an argument and she took off in her car.

A bedroom in Karen Ristevski's home. Image:

Later, her body was found in a nature reserve and was such a state of decay the cause of death couldn't be determined.

Borce will serve at least 10 years in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter in March 2019.

Barry Plant Moonee Valley sales director Bill Karp told the agents would be “pointing out to people that the property (at 23 Oakley Drive) was part of the Karen Ristevski case”.

The asking price for the five-bedroom house is $1.2-1.3 million. Image:
The house has two bathrooms and views of the city. Image:

“We’re not trying to get any extra publicity about it, we just want to be open,” he told the site.

Ristevki's daughter Sarah will receive the $1.2-1.3 million for the five-bedroom house if it's sold during its April 4 auction.

But some don't seem to mind the property's grim history, with the two-bathroom home racking up more than 3,000 views since Friday.

“You will want it or you won’t, there’s normally nothing in the middle,” Karp said.

“Some people will look to … update it throughout. The rear balcony needs a bit of work. But it’s certainly comfortable as is.”