Woman Who Stabbed Pet Cat Ginger 20 Times Jailed Over 'Savage' Attack

A northern beaches woman who stabbed her cat 20 times before throwing it out the window will spend two years behind bars for an act described as "savage in its cruelty".

Celina Paige Shead, 20, from Dee Why, confessed to stabbing an 11-year-old cat named Ginger in October last year before throwing the feline from a second-storey window.

When authorities questioned the young women following the incident she initially denied owning a cat.

The court reportedly heard she was “sinister, smirking, almost laughing” during the interrogation.

Magistrate Mark Richardson sentenced Shead to two years in jail, with a non-parole period of 15 months, after she pleaded guilty to two charges including torturing, beating and causing the death of an animal.

Meanwhile, police prosecutor Adrian Walsh told the court the 20-year-old didn't show any remorse and allegedly told her therapist she wanted to "squish the life out of it [Ginger]" because "it was so cute", AAP reports.

“This isn’t an incident of cruelty by way of neglect,” Walsh declared.

"This was a small vulnerable animal subjected to deliberate cruelty. It was an abhorrent act of cruelty."

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It is understood Shead, who has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, collected Ginger from the RSPCA a week earlier.

Her neighbours made the grim discovery before alerting authorities. They spotted Ginger dead in the courtyard of the northern beaches apartment block. The cat was found next to two boxes of kitty litter.

Officers found a knife with cat fur stuck to it on a kitchen bench in the flat, spots of blood on a rug and adoption papers.

Her father told police Shead failed to bond with the animal after adopting it as a therapy cat from the RSPCA the previous week.

Shead was placed in custody in October 2019 having been put on an intensive corrections order for unrelated charges just days before the animal offences.

With time served she'll be eligible for release in January 2021.

Shead was also sentenced to three months prison after pleading guilty to stealing a dog from outside a shopping centre in September 2019

The white pomeranian, named Bella, was dyed orange when it was recovered by police.

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