Aussie Gym Owners Say Workouts Won’t Be Affected By Coronavirus

Australia’s gyms have stepped up their hygiene practices to combat the spread of coronavirus during workouts.

But some of the country's gym owners have stressed there is no need to panic about showing up to train.

Plus Fitness director John Fuller said the company is taking a 'logical' and 'sensible' approach to tackle the spread of COVID-19.

"We see it as just being any other virus ... we are just increasing awareness without feeding into the hype," he told 10 daily.

Plus Fitness has adopted a common-sense approach to tackling COVID-19. Image: Getty



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Plus Fitness has urged franchisees to increase staff presence on gym floors, regularly cleaning and sanitising equipment.

Advice posters, which have been placed in high traffic areas in their gyms and on social media, ask members to be considerate of other gym users by following basic hygiene standards.

Standard gym rules such as using a towel on all equipment, wiping it down after use and washing hands with soap and water after training are all advised.

"If you are feeling unwell it is okay to skip training," Fuller said.

A notice to Plus Fitness members has been placed in gyms across the country. Image: Plus Fitness

Fitness First, which has 60 clubs across the country, told 10 daily it had begun taking precautionary measures following advice from Australia's health department.

"The health and wellbeing of our members and colleagues take top priority. To date, we have had no reported confirmed cases of coronavirus in Fitness First clubs," a spokesperson said.

"Should there be a confirmed case by a Fitness First member, all staff and members who had close contact with him/her will be asked to stay home to monitor their condition and to seek medical attention if unwell."

Gyms across the country are prepared for COVID-19. Image: Getty

Fitness First is also increasing the frequency of cleans and sanitation at clubs.

Additional hand sanitisers are being provided to all members and staff and employees are being educated and reminded on hygiene and cleanliness best practices.

All Fitness First staff have been told to declare their health and travel status to their employer.



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Meanwhile, Fuller suggested that maintaining a healthy lifestyle better-equipped people to recover from the virus if they were to contract it.

"The people that come to the gym are usually strong and healthy with a good immune system," he said.

"We're taking that approach, we recognise we need to be proactive but are really conscious of not getting caught up in the hype."

F45, Anytime Fitness and Fitness Playground were also contacted for comment but were yet to respond.



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