Coles Only Allowing One Pack Of Toilet Paper Per Person As Buying Frenzy Continues

Coles has taken even more extreme measures as customers panic buy toilet paper, rolling back purchase limits to just one per shopper.

Customers can only purchase one packet of toilet rolls in store or online, Coles announced on Sunday.

Online customers can only buy one packet of toilet rolls. Image: Coles

The move comes after last week's four-packet limit failed to curb the unprecedented demand for toilet paper and aims to help the community's most vulnerable.



Shoppers Say They're Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Just Because Everyone Else Is

Trolleys packed full of toilet paper, spray cleaner and long-life milk are flying out of supermarkets -- but people say they're only in a frenzy because everyone else is, not because they're scared of the coronavirus.

"Unfortunately many stores are still selling out within an hour of delivery," Coles said in a statement.

"We have therefore made the decision to change the limit to one pack per customer so that toilet rolls are available for more of our customers, particularly the elderly and people who are unable to purchase in large volumes."

Toilet paper aisles cleared out in Sydney. Image: 10 daily

Coles also said it had asked its suppliers to increase production on larger packet sizes to meet demand.

"We are prioritising the delivery of these packs to our stores, as a pack of 30 rolls should last an average family for around 3 weeks," it said.

Despite the government and police urging people to stop panic buying toilet roll in the wake of

Police in Chullora, south-western Sydney, have charged two women after an alleged altercation over toilet paper in a Woolworths store on Saturday.

NSW Police confirmed the women, aged 23 and 60, were issued court attendance notices for affray.

On Thursday a man in Tamworth was charged over allegedly threatening two women after a Big W store sold out of toilet paper.

The 50-year-old man was charged with assault and appeared at Tamworth Local Court on Friday.