'It's Not Mad Max': Police Plead For Calm After Supermarket Toilet Paper Fight

Police are investigating after toilet paper hysteria took a violent turn at a Woolworths store on Saturday morning.

At around 7am, three women shopping at a store in south-western Sydney became embroiled in a verbal altercation.

As things heated up in the Chullora store, another customer filmed the spat.

The video shows punches being thrown by a woman, as another woman holds onto one packet of toilet paper.

The 49-year-old woman can be heard saying, "I just want one pack."

A duo, believed to be a mother and daughter, is filmed yelling at the woman with one claiming "you smacked my daughter".

NSW police addressed media over the incident on Saturday afternoon, saying they had spoken to a 49-year-old woman at the store who had reportedly been assaulted but was uninjured.

Acting Inspector Andrew New from Bankstown Police Station said officers are now looking for the two other women who were involved in the altercation and have asked the community and witnesses to help identify them.

"Violence will not be tolerated, and anyone involved in this behaviour may be committing an offence and find themselves in court,” New said.

New called out the incident as "bad behaviour" by people who were panicking and called for calm.

"I think they're just going through a period of uncertainty, but I can assure you police will not be putting up with this kind of behaviour," New said.

"We just ask that people don't panic like this when they go out shopping. There's no need for it.

It's not the Thunderdome, it's not Mad Max, we don't need to do that."



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In the vision shared online on Saturday, a Woolworths employee can be heard saying, "Look what you're doing, you're fighting over tissues. Think about what you're doing, you need to stop alright, there's a limit ... it's unfair."

On Wednesday, Woolworths introduced a four-pack limit of toilet paper, per customer transaction.

Earlier on Saturday, Woolworths confirmed to 10 daily that an incident involving customers had taken place at its Chullora store.

"We will not tolerate violence of any kind from our customers in our stores and we are working with Police who are investigating the matter," a spokesperson said.

Woolworths said it has well-established policies and processes in place to manage disruptive customers.

"We've found the vast majority of customers have been respectful towards our team members and we thank them for their patience as we work to meet this unprecedented demand."

It comes as a number of other videos have been shared online in recent days of people arguing over toilet paper in different stores.

An argument between two women, believed to be inside a Coles store in Melbourne also went viral on social media platform TikTok on Saturday afternoon.

The vision showed two women arguing over a packet of toilet paper before other customers intervened and others watched on.

Coles declined to comment on the video when contacted by 10 daily.

On Thursday, a man was been charged with assault after a dispute over toilet paper allegedly turned violent inside a Big W store in regional NSW.



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