Sportsbet Is Running Odds On The Next Things To Be Rationed At Woolies

From the Royals, to cheese-rolling and the end of the world -- there's a good chance if you can think of it, you can bet on it.

We all know the big markets for betting these days are sports and politics, but you can bet on a much wider range of topics -- including the coronavirus.

That's right folks, coronavirus-related betting is a thing.

Sportbet is now offering punters odds on the next items they think Woolworths will place a limit on buying, following the toilet paper saga that gripped the nation.



Shop Staff Copping Customer Rage Over Toilet Paper And Stock Shortages

Staff at supermarkets and distribution centres have been bearing the brunt of the panic-buying sweeping the nation as coronavirus fears mount.



Coles Limits Loo Paper Purchases As Toilet Paper Frenzy Continues

Coles has joined Woolworths in limiting toilet paper roll purchases to four packs per customer, as frenzied shoppers continue to lay store shelves bare across the country.

Currently the supermarket giant is only allowing customers to purchase four packets per transaction and apparently gamblers think hand sanitiser is next product to be rationed.

Image: Sportsbet

"Woolworths must post a statement on their official Woolworths Group site by March 15 [to say] they are limiting the quantities of a product across all Australian stores that a customer can purchase, for it to be settled as a win," Sportsbet said on its website.



Man Charged After Alleged Assault Over Toilet Paper At BIG W

A man has been charged with assault after a dispute over toilet paper allegedly turned violent inside a Big W store in NSW.



Shoppers Say They're Panic-Buying Toilet Paper Just Because Everyone Else Is

Trolleys packed full of toilet paper, spray cleaner and long-life milk are flying out of supermarkets -- but people say they're only in a frenzy because everyone else is, not because they're scared of the coronavirus.

Currently hand sanitiser is paying a cool $1.20 followed by hand soap ($1.95), eggs ($2.50), tissues ($3.50) and spaghetti which rounds out the top five ($4.50).

At long odds are Vegemite ($12), tomato sauce ($15) and Tim Tams ($21).

And if Tim Tams starts looking like its selling out, we can probably brace ourselves for another nationwide panic scramble.

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