Hand Sanitiser Listed On Gumtree, eBay For Up To $200 As Stores Run Out

As Aussies wipe the supermarket shelves clean of hand sanitiser, some have turned to eBay and Gumtree to sell it for unreasonably high prices, in attempts to profit from coronavirus panic.

As products such as hand sanitiser, face masks and toilet paper sell-out in stores across the country, some shoppers have turned to online marketplaces where products are being listed -- and sold -- for up to 14 times their retail price.



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One ad, posted on free marketplace Gumtree in the last 24 hours, listed a one-litre bottle of 'Aqium' antibacterial hand sanitiser for $200.

This same product retails for $14.99 at Australian chemists. Image: Gumtree

The same product -- available in 375ml and 1L bottles -- retails at Chemist Warehouse for $6.50 and $14.49 respectively where it is currently out of stock.

A 1L bottle of Aqium hand sanitiser retails for $14.49 at Chemist Warehouse. Image: Chemist Warehouse

On Facebook Marketplace, one Sydney seller on Tuesday listed the same product for $50 per 375ml bottle, or $750 for nine bottles.

The ad is named "overpriced hand sanitiser" and charges an extra $92 to ship one bottle.

The ad was posted to Facebook Marketplace on Tuesday. Image: Facebook

"Everyone else [is] asking stupid prices for these items, so why can't I ...," the seller wrote on Facebook.

Another ad posted on eBay by a NSW resident lists three 50ml bottles of Dettol 'Instant Hand Sanitiser' for $45.

One 50ml bottle retails at Chemist Warehouse for $4.99 and remained in stock at the time of writing.

The products are listed for $45 on eBay, which is about three times the retail price. Image: eBay

The listing appears to have since been removed by eBay.

A spokeswoman for the online marketplace told 10 daily "eBay does not allow sellers to list items that attempt to capitalise on disaster or tragedy. These listings are in breach of our policy and are in the process of being ended."

"We have updated our filters to block listings in breach of our policy and are regularly sweeping the site to remove such items."

While the online sellers appear to be pricing products exorbitantly to take advantage of coronavirus panic, there are some buyers who seem to be fine to pay the price.

One ad that listed five bottles of 500ml  'Clean Plus' hand sanitiser for $100 claims to have had at least 22 sales in the last 24 hours.

The most recent unidentified buyer was claimed to have purchased 12 bottles of the product for $199. The listing also appeared to have been removed by eBay on Tuesday afternoon.

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While eBay is taking action against the sellers, a spokesperson for Gumtree told 10 daily it allows users to trade "within the confines of the law".

"However, as a community platform, we strongly encourage users to be reasonable and take care of one another, especially in light of the public health situation," the spokesperson said.

"Gumtree operates a report and takedown process and we encourage users to use the ‘Report Ad’ function to flag any concerning ads that breach our policies, terms of use, or believed to be unlawful."

The marketplace also urged potential buyers to seek advice from health experts, such as the World Health Organisation, before making a purchase.

10 daily has also contacted Facebook for comment.