Killer Staffordshire Bull Terrier Remains At Large, Owner Pleads Guilty Over Fatal Dog Attack

A staffordshire bull terrier, which mauled a tiny poodle to death, remains at large in Adelaide's north-east while its owner has been convicted over two separate dog attacks last year.

Maris Arnolds Bumbieris, 39, pleaded guilty in Adelaide's Magistrates Court to five charges including two counts of owning a dog that attacks, two counts of owning a dog that wanders at large and a one count of owning an unregistered dog.

The incidents occurred just 23 days apart in the city's north-east last year.

Speaking to 10 daily, The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council (PAE) confirmed it prosecuted the case which "drew a lot of frustration in our community."

Court documents describe the dog named Bronson as a tan-coloured bull terrier which bit another dog at Holden Hill in March last year, leaving it with minor injuries.

A few weeks later Bronson grabbed a tiny black poodle in is jaws at Roy Amer Reserve in Oakden and mauled it to death, according to court documents.

The killer dog remains at large within the community and may have been hidden, as authorities allegedly plan to destroy it once found.

Roy Amer Reserve in Oakden where the deadly attack occurred. Image: Google

Tom Chen, owner of the black poodle named DiDi said he chased a man riding a bike, believed to be Bumbieris, after he fled the scene with Bronson following the attack in March last year.

“[Bronson] just kept on biting, again and again everywhere. He wasn’t going for the throat, it was like he wanted to kill him slowly,” Chen told The Advertiser back when the incident first occurred, adding he feared the dog was capable of killing other pets or even small children.

Authorities issued a search warrant in order to capture Bronson but when they arrived the dog was missing.

"[The council team] undertook a comprehensive investigation of this terrible incident which included interviewing the defendant and executing a warrant on the property to seize the dog responsible," the PAE council said in a statement.

"As reported in the media at the time, the dog in question was not at the address and has not been found since."

Bumbieris reportedly denies having any knowledge of where Bronson might be hiding.

However court documents indicate the council is demanding he surrender Bronson, or any other dogs he may own.

The City of Port Adelaide Enfield Council covers an area in the city's north. Image: Google

"Bronson and any other dog that is owned by or under the control or responsibility of the defendant be surrendered to the City of Port Adelaide Enfield within seven days of this order," documents read.

PAE Mayor Claire Boan said authorities are prepared to prosecute serious incidents like this one.

“People should be comfortable walking in our community alongside their furry friends without fear,” she said.

“Time is of the essence after a dog attack and it is vital that a report is made to your local council immediately.”

Bumbieris was handed a 12-month good behaviour bond and is banned from owning a dog ever again.

"The dependent is prohibited from acquiring or becoming responsible for the control of any dog until the further Order of the Court," court documents read.

SA Police told 10 daily they were unaware of the incident, while PAE council is now urging people with any information to come forward.

"While we understand the value of posting incidents such as this on social media, we require that any dog attack is reported to the Council directly by those involved in order for us to undertake an investigation," the council said in a statement.

10 daily has contacted both Chen and Bumbieris for comment.

Featured image supplied by PAE Council.