Mother Furious After QLD Cops Taser Daughter With Cerebral Palsy

A Queensland mum has been left fuming after police tasered her teenage daughter, who has cerebral palsy, at a school in Townsville.

Police allege the girl, 16, started damaging property at her Mundingburra school and "lunged"  at officers after they attended the school to speak to her about a separate matter on Thursday.

The girl's mother said she does not understand why police did what they did considering her daughter has physical limitations and suffers seizures due to her condition.

"She's got cerebral palsy, she has seizures, and she's only got the use of one hand and she's not very good on her legs, so why taser her," the unnamed mother told ABC North Queensland.

The woman claims she only heard of what happened to her daughter when a child safety officer called to tell her she was in hospital.

Assuming her daughter had suffered a seizure, the mother was shocked to find out her child had been tasered and suffered bruising to her stomach.

"She said that they tasered her twice," the mother said, adding that the police claimed her daughter was armed with a cricket bat and started smashing things with it.

In a statement to 10 daily Queensland police confirmed the incident and reiterated the fact the girl had allegedly been damaging property and lunged at officers.

"A 16-year-old girl has sustained minor injuries after being subject to a taser deployment at an educational facility in Mundingburra," police said.

"The girl was speaking with officers in relation to a separate matter when she allegedly became aggressive and started damaging property.

"As police and staff attempted to calm the girl she lunged at an officer who subsequently deployed their taser."

Paramedics were immediately called and the girl was taken to hospital but was not seriously injured.

Featured image via Twitter.