Shocking CCTV Shows Bus Near Misses Happen Far Too Often

Terrifying clips of recent near-misses on the streets of NSW have been released to remind pedestrians to look out for buses.

NSW Transport has released the footage for Bus Safety Week.

In one instance, a person can be seen being hit by a car after they run out in front of the bus they had just stepped off.

In another incident passengers are thrown from their seats after the bus they are travelling on is cut off by a car.

Busways, which operates hundreds of busses across Western Sydney, the Central Coast and regional NSW, is urging road users to take care around buses.

This person was hit by a car after running out in front of a bus, CCTV shows. Image: NSW Transport.

Between June 2015-19, 35 people were killed and 395 were seriously injured in NSW bus-related incidents.

“Of the 35 people killed 14 were pedestrians, our most vulnerable road users. Eleven were drivers, seven were passengers and three were motorcyclists,” Bernard Carlon of the Centre for Road Safety said.

Busways Managing Director Byron Rowe said buses are big and heavy vehicles that can not stop quickly, so it is important to keep a safe distance from them.

"Don’t cut in front of a bus and give way to buses merging into traffic," he said.

Passengers in this bus were thrown from their seats after a car cut in front of the bus. Image: NSW Transport

This is the fifth year Bus Safety Week has been implemented. It aims to improve the safety of pedestrians, riders, passengers and drivers, helping to reduce injuries and lives lost on NSW roads.