Rowdy Commuters Barricaded Into Lines To Stop 'Pushing In' On Sydney's Light Rail

Sydney's Central Station has introduced plastic barricades on platforms to cull commuters pushing in on the light rail during peak hour -- and we're all for it.

While some may see the barricades as an extension of NSW's 'Nanny State', for many they come as a welcome measure that'll force commuters to queue.

Anyone who's caught the light rail to work knows how ruthless and cut-throat Sydney's commuters can be.



Can We Please Talk About The Cluster F**k That Is The Sydney Light Rail?

For years I thought there could be nothing worse than the horror of pouring myself into a Sydney train during peak hour.

With hordes of passengers and limited seats, getting a spot on the light rail is truly a test of the survival of the fittest.

No matter how long you queue, it's not uncommon to cop a stray elbow or shoulder as you're trying to board.

A Sydney miracle: Commuters keeping in line. Image: Supplied

It comes after a nightmarish week for Sydney's transport system after a fire alarm, medical emergency and wiring issue caused major delays across almost all train lines on Monday.

Workers at the station won't be nursing headaches this morning, after years of screaming at people to "stand back" and "wait their turn".

And if plastic barricades are what it takes for commuters to mind their manners then we're on board.



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