'My Family Are Not Terrorists': Ahmed Elomar Says His Brother's ISIS Links Not Related To Nephew Omar's Death

Ahmed Elomar, brother of ISIS fighter Mohamed Elomar, has spoken out since the shooting death of his nephew Omar's murder saying his family members are "not terrorists".

In an exclusive interview with 10 News First, Elomar revealed his brother left for Syria under the guise of 'helping Muslims'.

"Unfortunately, my brother left his kids here [in Australia] and went over there, apparently to help the Muslims. But what happened to him there, I actually don't know," Elomar said.



Teenage Boy Faces Court Charged With Murder Of Omar Elomar

An 18-year-old man will front court on Wednesday over the targeted shooting death of Omar Elomar in Sydney's west.

"All I know is my brother was a good person but what happened overseas, I don't know. When he was here he was in boxing, working. He'd done a year at the Institute of Sport. That's why I know good [sic] about him."

Elomar's brother Mohamed shocked the world when photos of him smiling as he held two severed heads emerged online.

Mohamed Elomar joined ISIS in 2013.

Mohamed was killed in an airstrike in Syria in 2015 after fleeing Australia to fight alongside ISIS two years earlier.

Sensationalist reports have linked Mohamed's terrorist activities with the shooting death of Omar Elomar in Sydney's west two weeks ago, despite police emphasising the 18-year-old was an innocent victim.

Ahmed Elomar spoke exclusively with 10 News First following his nephew's murder.

Elomar said despite his own criminal past and his brother's links to ISIS, Omar was a "hard-working" accountant who'd just finished high school.

"People have to realise our family is not like that. Yeah, we do follow Islam to the best that we can but what happens overseas, I don't know. I don't want to get involved," Elomar said.

Elomar insists he's moved beyond his criminal history and is now breeding and training Arabian show horses.

Omar Elomar was killed after being shot in Sydney's southwest. Image: Supplied

"[Omar's death has] got nothing to do with that at all. I've had my own trouble in the past and you learn the hard way, you know. It was a protest that got me into trouble. I've done the wrong thing and I've copped it for it."

Omar Elomar died of a single gunshot wound to his chest on Cabramatta Avenue in Miller at 11 pm on Saturday February 15.

Detectives said he was killed in "cold blood" after a group of men approached Elomar's car and shot him down.

Police said the teenager was an innocent victim that had attempted to make peace with the group of men before he was shot. Image: Facebook

Police said the teenager had been meeting with a group of men to peacefully attempt to resolve a dispute that occurred the following day.

Elomar told 10 News First the schoolyard fight had involved his child and another cousin.

"[My kid and his cousin] got jumped by 15 blokes. One is 13, one is 15 and it's just escalated from there. Omar's just gone along with his cousins [the day after the fight]. He actually didn't know what happened," he said.



Police Slam 'Cowards' After Shooting Of 'Innocent' Teen Killed In Front Of His Family

Police have called a group of men "cowards" after they met with an 18-year-old and members of his family before he was fatally shot in an unprovoked incident in Sydney's west.

"[The fight] had something to do with my younger sister's son. Some kids had come from another school and my son was there. They've jumped him and he helped his cousin."

Police charged an 18-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, with murder on Wednesday.

The man had previously been charged over allegedly withholding information last week and organising the meeting between the two groups of men on the night Omar was shot dead.

"What they've done is a coward's act. They've gone to young guys who've got nothing to do with the streets, the so-called gangster business. And they've hit an innocent kid for no reason," Elomar said.

"Nothing brings Omar back. It's sad what's happened. It's hard for us. It's a loss, especially when it happened for no reason what-so-ever."

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