Exclusive: The Moment Baboons Escape Sydney Medical Facility

A witness has shared the moment he spotted a troop of baboons busting out of a medical facility in Sydney's inner-west on Tuesday.

Michael, who said he works in the area, captured vision of three baboons running through the loading dock area of the Marie Bashir centre, a secondary building opposite the main Royal Prince Alfred Hospital complex.

He told 10 daily that onlookers were shocked to see the animals running through the busy parking area, and that several had tried to restrain or contain the baboons so they couldn’t escape.

However, they managed to get out and run off.

Video shared exclusively with 10 News First and 10 daily shows at least one of the baboons jumping down from what appears to be a gap in the ceiling of a building.

In the video, witnesses can be heard saying that they could see one of the animals' tails appearing from the ceiling before it jumps down.

"Something just went down," a man can be heard saying.

In the vision a tail can be seen before at least one of the animals jumps down from a low ceiling. Image: Supplied.

The troop of baboons who have since been recaptured, prompted a wide-scale response from police and social media on Tuesday afternoon.

It has now been confirmed that one of the baboons was at the facility because he was due for a vasectomy on Wednesday.

The hashtags #baboons and #baboonwatch were trending in Australia after reports of the baboons on the loose began circulating online at about 5pm, but police were unable to confirm their exact whereabouts at the time.

Shortly after 6:30pm the first believed sighting was confirmed on social media, with a video posted to Twitter showing at least three of the animals running amok near a hospital.

A number of police cars were also seen outside the hospital.

NSW Police later updated to say that a troop of baboons had "escaped a facility" and were on the loose in the Sydney suburb Camperdown.

"Police and wildlife handlers now have the situation under control, so please let them do their job and don't be tempted to pry, mates," NSW Police updated.

In a statement, a spokesperson from the Sydney Local Health District later said three animals were found on the RPA campus.

"The animals have been contained," the spokesperson said.

"There is no threat to the safety of staff, patients or visitors."

The NSW health minister has since confirmed that the male baboon was due for a vasectomy on Wednesday and the females were with him to "keep him calm".

Brad Hazzard told AAP there was a lock failure either on the truck or crate that was transporting a 15-year-old male and two females.

"The three baboons decided to take a bit of a look around RPA grounds," he said.

"They didn't know what to do nor did the people around them."

Hazzard insisted the baboons were not being transported for research purposes and the male was at the facility for a vasectomy.

"It had been decided the male needed to have a vasectomy to continue to move with his female troop and not keep producing babies," he said.

"If he had been kept fertile he would have had to moved from the family he knows."

The health minister said the baboons should be awake and well a few hours.

With AAP.