WATCH: Aussie Vet Pulls Children's Beach Towel From Python's Mouth

The 18-year-old snake named Monty Python was rushed to the vet after she swallowed an entire beach towel for dinner.

The Small Animal Specialist Hospital in Sydney's north-west was caught by surprise when the slippery patient's family dropped her off seeking help last week.

Monty Python ate an entire beach towel for dinner. Image: Supplied.

Dr Olivia Clarke from the team's Avian and Exotics Department was tasked with extracting the towel from the python's mouth after radiographs were taken to confirm where exactly the towel was.

According to the North Ryde based team, the towel was approximately one metre from the head where it began.

Video shared by the team at SASH showed the vets using long forceps to delicately pull the towel from the python's mouth and gastrointestinal tract.

Bec Moss SASH's marketing coordinator told 10 daily that while the team had assisted with a number of unusual cases over the years, pulling a towel from a python was a first.

"It was certainly the talk of the office the next day," Moss said.

According to Moss, the family claimed their pet had never done anything like this before and they're not sure why she decided to eat their children's towel.

But in some good news for the family, Monty is doing really well and recovering just fine!