Four 'N Twenty Has Launched A Plant-Based 'Meat' Pie And Aussies Are Not Okay

Who knew a humble pie could divide a nation.

Four N Twenty has unveiled a new addition to its iconic lineup in the form of a plant-based, meat-free pie, and many Australians are not impressed.

Made with soy protein, the new pie is designed to have the same texture and smell as the classic version, and has been launched in a bid to appeal to flexitarians who are looking to cut down on their meat intake.

It also offers an option for vegetarians who are often left to go hungry at the footy or other sporting events.

The pastry will remain the same and its filling will take on the same flavourings as the original pie.

It's understood Four N Twenty plans to start rolling out the vegetarian option to service stations, supermarkets and football grounds (including the MCG) next month.

Anand Surujpal, general manager of marketing and innovation at parent company Patties Food Group, told Fairfax it took eight months of testing to perfect the pie.

"If I hadn't told you it wasn't a meat pie, you wouldn't know," he claims.

"It's got the same colours, textures, the taste profile, the mouthfeel, you've got all those elements."

He explained the new product is also designed to move away from the traditional association between meat pies and masculinity, and will appeal to a broader market.

Surujpal also confessed many Aussies would rather the company stick to its traditional pies, but the rise in demand for vegetarian options meant the launch was a no-brainer.

"It allows us to stay current," he said.

The pie doesn't contain animal products but it is made on the Four N Twenty production line,  meaning it is not vegan.

The new product has received mixed reviews on social media with many Aussies praising the brand for branching out while others are fuming, demanding the company stick to the basics or that veganism is destroying our nation.

"Why would you ruin an icon," one person said, while many others responded with the 'vomit' emoji.

Some, however, were stoked to be given another option.

"I would like one thousand fed directly into my soul at your nearest convenience please (with tomato sauce)," one person said on Twitter.