Thousands Sign Petition After Headstone Removed For Being 'Offensive'

More than 2,000 people have signed a petition against an Adelaide memorial site over the removal of a headstone that was apparently deemed to be "offensive".

The family of Peter Robert Bridge who died in April 2019 claims their loved one's memorial headstone was removed in January this year because it had a small picture of Bridge giving the middle finger in the left corner.

"There are a ridiculous amount of reasons as to why this is not acceptable," the family said on a page.

Bridge's headstone describes him as a "dearly loved son, brother, uncle, friend, nephew and cousin."

Beside the loving inscription is a coloured photo of Bridge showing his middle finger.

The family claims it was not notified of the headstone's removal and said Enfield Memorial in the city's north had "absolutely no regard for the memory and resting place of our boy."

They also said the picture of their son, holding up his middle finger, was so small "you'd have to be standing right in front of it to even see it properly."

"If his picture did offend someone, why is it anyone's problem but theirs?" they said.

"That is our son's personal resting space."

In a statement, Adelaide Cemeteries said it had received a number of complaints from members of the public about Bridge's memorial related to a photograph containing "an offensive gesture".

Chief Operations Officer Michael Robertson said the organisation's policy states that "tributes that … are of an offensive nature may cause considerable distress. For this reason, we ask that you consider others when placing tributes.”

Robertson said Adelaide Cemeteries had made "numerous attempts" to contact the Bridge family to discuss the monument before it was removed, but their calls had not been returned.

"Adelaide Cemeteries has since met with the Bridge family on a number of occasions to try and resolve the issue," he said.

"We presented a number of solutions and offered to meet any costs involved. These offers were declined."

"Adelaide Cemeteries remains prepared to work with the Bridge family to find a solution."

At the time of publication, the family's petition had gained 2,440 signatures.