You Can Now Opt-Out Of Awkward Small Talk In Your Uber

It's what we've all been waiting for, Uber finally has a 'Quiet Mode'.

For the 3.8 million Uber users in Australia, gone are those awkward car rides and having to make small talk with your driver as you are ferried from one place to another.

Uber is introducing Quiet Mode -- the ability to choose a ride without the chat or music to interrupt the peace and quiet.

Ideally, it would be used for those on the go, conference calls can be made in quiet or it could be a productive work session, but it also exists for those who want to be a little anti-social.

Quiet Mode is one of five options available with Uber Comfort. Image: Uber

The new feature is part of 'Uber Comfort', a range of options that are intended to make the rideshare experience more enjoyable.

They also take the guesswork out for drivers looking for that elusive five-star rating.

For 1.2x the cost of an UberX, users have the option of choosing from five features, including Quiet Mode.

Extended Wait Time allows the driver to wait up to 10 minutes for the passenger to make their way to the car before driving off.

Temperature Control means the user can set the car's temperature to cold, cool, warm or hot before the vehicle has even arrived.

You don't have to sit through a freezing car ride anymore. Image: Getty

Dom Taylor, General Manager of Uber Australia and New Zealand, said the new features join the existing benefits, Experienced Drivers and Newest Cars, of Uber Comfort.

Experienced Drivers allows only drivers with a minimum rating and at least 500 Uber trips logged to accept the ride.

And the Newest Cars option means only a car that meets consistent vehicle make and model standards (from 2013 onward) will arrive at your door.

"So whether you’re riding to the airport with your boss, or are after a ride for a special occasion, Uber Comfort is the go-to for your next ride," Taylor said.

Or grab some Z's in Quiet Mode. Image: Getty

Other rideshare services also offer unique services or perks for an extra cost.

Shebah, a women-only rideshare service, allows regular users to pick their preferred driver for an extra $1.

The company only uses female drivers and only allows male passengers if they are travelling with a woman.

It is also the only rideshare service that can legally transport children as all drivers have a Working with Children's Check.



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