Water Restrictions Set To Ease After 'Biggest Rain In 20 Years'

The NSW Cabinet has approved changes to soften water restrictions to level one in greater Sydney from March.

With the city's dam levels now at 80 percent after heavy rainfall, the restrictions will ease from March 1.

Under level one restrictions, Sydney residents will be able to hose the garden but cannot wash cars or buildings without a trigger nozzle. Sprinklers are also prohibited.



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NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey said the restrictions will be wound back in two weeks to ensure water quality remained high and that there was lesser demand on water supply.

“We recently experienced the biggest rain event in 20 years which has impacted the quality of water in the Greater Sydney Catchment,” Pavey told The Daily Telegraph.

Sprinklers are not allowed to be used under level one. Image: Getty

“It will also give the system time to recover and on March 1 we expect greater Sydney will revert back to level 1 water restrictions, subject to water quality assessment by Sydney Water,” Pavey said.

Level two restrictions, which prohibit hosing the garden or washing a car, were implemented across Sydney on December 10.

Pavey said Sydneysiders had reduced their water usage despite the 26 per cent increase in population.



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“The total demand for drinking water remains lower than it did before mandatory restrictions were introduced in late 2003,” she said.

The cost of residents breaching the level one restrictions will be a $220 fine, while a $500 fine applies to businesses who breach them.