Kangaroo Miraculously Survives After Smashing Through Car Windscreen

A kangaroo has miraculously survived a bold jump into a man's car as he drove 100km/h down a highway in Perth.

The marsupial smashed through the windscreen and into the passenger seat of the car as the driver travelled down the Tonkin Highway.

John Hanley posted a collection of images to a Facebook page called Driver Alerts WA on Monday to warn other motorists to be mindful of the nation's adventurous wildlife.

"This happened on Tonkin Hwy near Mills Road last week," he said in the post.

"The kanga leapt straight into the windscreen while doing 100km/h . The kanga ended up in the passenger's seat, thrashing around."

He said he was lucky to escape unharmed and so was the kangaroo, which was cared for by rangers after being dragged out of the car using a dog lead.

Judging by the alarming images, the kangaroo caused extensive damage to the windscreen and interior of the Holden Rodeo utility.