Partner Of Man Killed In Neighbourhood Dispute Claims Row Broke Out Over Kids

The partner of a man who died in a neighbourhood dispute claims the fight broke out following a dispute over children.

Renae Hailes -- the partner of Mark Beecham, who died in an alleged fight in Sydney's west on Monday night -- claims a fight broke out after she went to neighbour Adra Biscossi's home to tell a child he had to go home.

She claimed that's when Biscossi's partner Mick Simpson, 44, who she's never had "anything to do with", became verbally aggressive towards her.

Hailes claimed Simpson was verbally abusive towards her before the two men got into a physical scuffle. Image: Supplied

Hailes said she swore back at Simpson, and called Beecham to tell him what happened.

She said Beecham, 44, was upset over Simpson allegedly verbally abusing her and decided to confront him.

"I went outside to have a cigarette and heard the scuffle up there... I don't know what happened, by the time I got there they were already fighting, wrestling. Mark was on the floor, Mick was on top of him," Hailes told 10 News First.

"I ran to my neighbour to get help.. and I was screaming the whole time. The police came and we found out not long after."

"He was basically defending me. It's all to do with the kids. Something's happened. I've never spoken to him before."

Beecham and Hailes have a child together. Image: Supplied

Hailes said she and Beecham have a child together, who is in kindergarten and she "can't believe he's not here".

"He was interesting, different. That's what I liked about him. We've got a little boy together who's five," she said.

Police said emergency services were called to Jarra Crescent, Glenmore Park, after reports of a physical altercation between two men.

They said a man was treated by paramedics but died at the scene.

10 News First understands it is possible Beecham may have died as result of a heart attack.

Mick Simpson's girlfriend Adra Biscossi claims he was defending himself and was hit over the head by a metal pole. Image: Supplied

Adra Biscossi, Simpson's partner told the Daily Mail that Beecham swung a metal pole at Simpson which split his head open and briefly knocked him unconscious.

"Mick tried to shut it off. He said 'I'm not talking about it, go away, there's kids inside you need to go home'," Biscossi said.

“Mick was just trying to defend himself. We tried to get him (the neighbour) out and I called police straight away.”

Biscossi said the couple's four children were in the home when the struggle occurred between the two men.

Police say an investigation surrounding the incident is ongoing.

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