Passengers Busted Smuggling Dozens Of Live Fish In Luggage At Melbourne Airport

Border Force officials have arrested two passengers At Melbourne Airport who were busted trying to smuggle more than 100 live fish into the country.

The 122 undeclared live fish were discovered inside the duo's luggage. They had been kept inside sealed plastic bags filled with water.

It is understood that the bags had been selected for inspection based on intelligence, in a joint effort between the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment and Australian Federal Police.

Australia is known for its strict border control measures and Head of Biosecurity Lyn O'Connell said smuggling marine animals can have significant ramifications.

"Live fish can carry and transmit parasites, bacteria and viruses that could affect our native aquatic wildlife, and our $3 billion fishing and aquaculture industries," she said.

"They may also be considered a biosecurity pest and be damaging to our unique aquatic environments and ecosystems."

Authorities cannot reveal where the passengers travelled from while the case is under investigation.

The species of fish has not been revealed either.