Dettol Sales Have Spiked 600 Percent During Coronavirus Health Emergency

Dettol has revealed sales of its hand sanitiser increased by 600 per cent across Australia, just one day after nearly 14,000 new cases of coronavirus were announced.

A spokesperson for Dettol told 10 daily the company has seen a large increase in demand for its hand sanitiser products since the virus began to spread rapidly across the world.

"Most recent sales data shows an increase of more than 600 percent in consumer demand versus normal levels," the spokesperson said.

The company has also experienced a spike in sales of its household cleaning and personal hygiene products.

As per the World Health Organisation's (WHO) recommendation to practice good hand hygiene in the wake of the global health scare, there has been an increase in demand for hand sanitiser throughout Australia, with many supermarket shelves sitting empty.

Hand sanitiser products sold out fast as coronavirus cases rise. Image: 10 daily.

Woolworths and Coles confirmed shortages of antibacterial hand sanitiser earlier this week as they experienced "extremely high demand".

Sydney sider Jenny McLean went to five stores in search of the gel this week, for her husband who is travelling overseas, but to no avail.

"I went to a couple of IGAs and a couple of Coles and Chemist Warehouse," she said.

Dettol's spokesperson said the company is working with suppliers to share supply "efficiently and equally among retailers to ensure accessibility to limited stock".

The shortage of antibacterial hand sanitiser comes as the coronavirus death toll increased by 242 on Wednesday -- bringing the death toll to 1367.



Aussie Supermarkets Apologise For Hand Sanitiser Shortage

If you have been searching for hand sanitiser only to find empty supermarket shelves, you are not alone.

A disinfection channel built for residents in China to manage the spread of Covid-19. Image: AAP.

The announcement of these deaths came just before the WHO added 13,000 new cases in the outbreak centre of Hubie Province in China.

The majority of new cases come after China introduced new diagnosis rules for the epicentre of Wuhan and surrounding provinces.



Scott Morrison Extends China Travel Ban As Coronavirus Fears Continue

The Australian government has announced it is extending a travel ban for visitors arriving from mainland China, over ongoing fears of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

Lung screening results were deemed acceptable to be the basis for confirming infections instead of lab tests which are used globally.

WHO emergency operations chief Mike Ryan told a press conference in Geneva mass-testing of individuals in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore didn't reveal large numbers of additional hidden infections beyond the reported numbers.

"We're not dealing with a spike of 14,000 new cases in a day," Ryan said.