'No Longer Welcome': Landlord Evicts Malaysian Student From Perth Home Over Coronavirus Fears

A Malaysian student returned to her Perth home to find she was "no longer welcome".

Her landlord, who lived at the property too, left a note on the door explaining he had kicked her out of the share house due to coronavirus fears.

The eviction notice was headed: “Warning, no trespassing: House in lockdown due to corona virus.”

In the note, the landlord said "due to your failure to stay in contact with me, with World Health Organisation Global Emergency over coronavirus you are no longer welcome in this house."

He also added a phone number for her to contact if she had any queries and claimed that he had tried to contact her multiple times while she was in Malaysia.

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Once she returned home, the student, who has chosen to remain anonymous under the alias of "Helen" told ABC News she tried to call her landlord but he didn't pick up the phone.

He later sent her a text message, calling her out for travelling to Malaysia for Chinese New Year when there was "a known coronavirus outbreak".

However, there are only 18 confirmed cases of the virus in Malaysia, and 15 in Australia.

"The World Health Organisation has declared a global emergency and I now have made a decision to change locks on the house and put your belongings outside as I am concerned for my welfare and family and friends," the text read.

"It was a hard decision to make between family and friends but as you have travelled we are very concerned and you are no longer welcome to come back to the house."

According to ABC News the messages were signed off with the same name as what appears on official property documents.

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Speaking to ABC Radio, Helen, who is studying community services, said she had been renting a room at a townhouse in Perth's northern suburbs since November.

She confessed she had not signed a lease but had a "verbal agreement" with the landlord to pay $86 a week excluding bills.

This means police were unable to take an legal action, she added.

Helen is Chinese and had travelled to Malaysia on January 24 to visit family and friends for the Lunar New Year celebrations before returning to Perth on February 4.

She had not been anywhere near China, or Wuhan, where the virus outbreak started.



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However, she arrived home to discover the note on the front door and that her landlord had changed the locks.

"I feel so sad and confused," she said.

"I haven't been to China so why do they think I have the virus?"

She explained how her belongings were still inside but she was too scared to go and pick them up.

When asked about discrimination against people of Asian decent, Helen said she "understands why they (the public) are worried about the situation but "it doesn't mean all people from Asian countries will get the virus."

"We need to educate people," she said. "It's not fair."

She is staying with a friend for the time being.