Locals Warned After Second Shark Sighting In Sydney Lagoon

Days after unconfirmed reports of a 'great white', a shark sighting has been confirmed in Sydney's Narrabeen Lagoon and locals have been warned.

Northern Beaches Council received a report on Wednesday morning that a shark had been seen swimming in the lagoon, which is surrounded by homes.

The council investigated the claim and later declared an official sighting at 7.20am on Wednesday.

The shark was spotted in the lagoon, near Pittwater Rd bridge.

Council workers quickly put up signs to warn residents of the shark sighting.

Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee said that signs were placed at "key points" around the lagoon.

"We ask the community to be aware,” Brownlee said.

The council sent jet skis out to survey the area and monitor for more shark activity.



WATCH: 'Massive Shark' Spotted In Sydney Lagoon

What many believe to be a shark fin was spotted in a Sydney lagoon on Monday, just metres from homes and where locals had been kayaking and swimming earlier in the day.

The council has been in close contact with local kayak and stand-up paddleboarding businesses, warning them of the potential risks.

The area's school-sport activities involving the water had to be cancelled due to safety risks.

The lagoon is a popular spot for children.

The warning comes after footage emerged on Sunday of what was claimed to be a 'great white' in the lagoon. However, some dismissed this claim as false and said the floating figure was more likely to be a log, tree branch or surfboard.

On the weekend torrential rain saw large parts of Narrabeen flood, with some homes and vehicles left underwater.

Some residents have been without power since the weekend and affected business are only just finishing their clean up efforts.

With more rain forecast for the coming week, locals are preparing for more potential flooding and have their eyes peeled for the shark spotted in the lagoon.