Mum Injured At White Island Wakes From Coma, Learns Family Died In Eruption

An Australian mother injured in the White Island volcano eruption has woken from a coma to learn her husband and daughter died in the disaster.

Lisa Dallow had been unconscious at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital for two months being treated for severe burns.

When she awoke, she was told her 15-year-old daughter Zoe and her husband Gavin, 53, had both died during the eruption on December 9.

A family spokeswoman has said Ms Dallow, 48, had struggled to come to terms with the devastating news.

"Lisa is awake and has been told about Zoe and Gavin, so she now knows what has happened," the family spokesperson told News Corp.

Mother Lisa wakes up to be told that, daughter Zoe and husband Gavin passed away in White Island volcano. Image: AAP

"It took a while for it to sink in and then she just kept saying she can't believe they had died" the family spokesperson said.

Gavin's funeral was last month and was held at Adelaide Oval, with 600 mourners attending and Lisa watching on a screen from hospital.

The family has delayed Zoe's memorial with hopes Lisa will be well enough to attend.

“It will be Lisa’s decision, so we all just have to wait and see. It is so devastating for everyone. We are still raw with grief.”

Hundreds of mourners attended the funeral of Gavin Dowell, while wife Lisa was still in a coma. Image AAP.
Lisa and daughter Zoe. Image: supplied.

Lisa received near-fatal burns to almost 60 per cent of her body when the volcano spouted smoke, rock and ash into the sky on the Bay of Plenty Island.

She still requires high-level care and is undergoing intensive rehab. She remains in a serious but stable condition.

The eruption left 21 dead, including 17 Australians and another missing, presumed dead.



Search For Remaining Two White Island Victims Suspended

The search for Sydney teenager Winona Langford and New Zealand tour guide Hayden Marshall-Inman, both believed to have been killed in the White Island eruption, has been suspended just one day before Christmas.

Lisa told her family the last thing she can remember is fleeing from falling rocks and waiting for help.

Her daughter Zoe, a Year 9 student, passed away near the North Island's active volcano, and Gavin died on board the rescue helicopter.