Australia To Discuss 'Zero Emissions By 2050' Target

Australia is considering adopting a net zero emissions target by 2050, similar to the United Kingdom and dozens of other nations, ahead of a UN climate summit in November.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor said the government expects to deliver a long-term emissions reduction strategy before the COP26 meeting in Scotland.

"The pathway to meaningful impacts on global emissions is through development and deployment of new technologies," Taylor told Nine on Monday.

"That is where Australia can have the biggest impact on reducing global emissions."

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann said coal still had a future in Australia but renewable energy supplies would continue to grow.

Wind Turbines on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Image: Getty

"We're assessing what is both environmentally appropriate and economically responsible," Cormann said.

"We will continue to make our judgements based on Australia's national interests."

Meanwhile, Independent MP Zali Steggall is preparing to release details of her private member's bill to MPs and interest groups.

Steggall wants to establish an independent climate change commission.

"It is time to take the party politics out of climate policy. Now is the time for a rational approach to climate change."

Josh Butler


Australia's Chance To Lead The Way On Climate Change Is Going Up In Smoke

On the day 4000 people in Mallacoota had to run into the sea to escape fire, an article from Angus Taylor was published in The Australian newspaper saying Aussies should be proud of our climate change efforts.

But the move towards net-zero emissions is not welcomed by all, with many blasting the idea and claiming renewable energy is inconsistent.

Nationals MP Michelle Landry argued Australia needed cheap, reliable power for the manufacturing sector.

"That's what this (strategy) is about," Landry told reporters.

"What does annoy me is that there are people in Melbourne who are dead against coal, but where does the power come from?"

Inner-city Liberals are agitating for more government action on climate change. But former resources minister Matt Canavan is ramping up calls for a new coal-fired power station in Queensland

Canavan described renewable energy providers as dole bludgers.

"Renewables are the dole bludgers of the energy system, they only turn up to work when they want to," he wrote in an opinion piece for The Courier-Mail.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson said the prime minister was a fool for pursuing a net-zero target.

"Let's base it on science, lets base it on fact before we head down this path," Hanson said.