'Amazing Job': Firefighters In Victoria Are Getting A Pay Rise

The Victorian government has struck a deal to give all Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Country Fire Authority career firefighters a 2.5 percent pay increase.

Victorian firefighters have been given a 2.5 percent pay rise with plans for another deal once the new fire agency is in operation.

The state government has struck a deal to roll over existing agreements for all Metropolitan Fire Brigade and Country Fire Authority career firefighters.

The MFB will be combined with paid CFA staff to create Fire Rescue Victoria, with the CFA becoming volunteer-only. The new agency will start operating on July 1.

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"It is 2.5 percent on wages, and allowances and it is backdated to January," United Firefighters Union secretary Peter Marshall told AAP on Saturday.

"We anticipate to strike a new agreement with a further agreement in six months from now under Fire Rescue Victoria."

The state government says the deal is in line with its wages policy of an annual two percent cap.

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The pay increase falls into an option under the policy to allow 2.5 percent adjustments on existing wages and allowances for a year.

"All our firefighters -- career and volunteer -- do an amazing job keeping the state safe," a government spokeswoman said.

It comes after years of dispute over pay and the role of volunteers.