Check Your Tickets: Lucky Punter $60 Million Richer After Sweeping Powerball Jackpot

The division one Powerball jackpot has been claimed for the first time in 2020 after the top prize was not drawn for four consecutive weeks.

The winning numbers picked in Thursday night's draw were 26, 3, 11, 2, 15, 1 and 35.

The Powerball was 17.

The Powerball rocketed to $60 million this week after a month's worth of draws failed to see anyone secure the top prize.

According to Australian lotto organisation 'The Lott', about one in six Australian adults were expected to try their luck in the draw.

It's not yet known who claimed the top prize but according to 'The Lott' website, the winning ticket was not purchased in either NSW or the ACT.

And in a special twist,the punter who takes out the division one prize has not only become a multi-millionaire but also become the first division one Powerball winner of not only the year but the decade.

“Imagine how your plans for the year would change if you scored tonight’s massive $60 million division one prize,” The Lott spokesperson Bronwyn Spencer said earlier.

While the odds of winning the division one prize are fairly slim, with The Lott predicting you have a one in 11.2 million shot in a standard 12-game entry, just last year a Sydney healthcare worker set the record for Australia's biggest ever individual lottery win at a staggering $107,575,649,08 ... so you really never know.

Overall last year there were 14 Powerball division one winners who together took home a total of more than $541.87 million in prize money.



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