'Angels On Earth': Grandmother Remembers Grandchildren Killed By Alleged Drunk Driver

The grandmother of three children killed by an alleged drunk driver in Sydney's west has remembered her grandchildren as her "angels".

Georgette Abdallah was comforted by family as she attended the vigil at the scene of the crash in Oatlands on Tuesday morning.

Siblings Sienna, eight, Angelina, 12, and Antony, 13, along with their cousin, Veronique Sakr, 11, died after they were allegedly run down by a drunk driver on Saturday night.

Three of the children killed in the Oatlands crash -- Sienna, Antony and Angelina. Image: Supplied
Veronique, 11, was also killed in the crash. Image: Supplied

Abdallah remembered her three grandchildren as "angels on Earth", and said they helped their father feed the homeless every Friday.

"My Angelina, she sleep with a rosary in her hand," she told reporters.

"She said, 'Teta, look after yourself' and every time she see tears in my eyes, she cried."



Mum Of Three Kids Killed In Horror Crash Forgives Alleged Drunk-Driver

A mother said she "can't hate" the alleged drunk-driver involved in the crash that killed three of her children, as she prayed for her "angels" in heaven. 

Abdallah said the youngest victim, Sienna, was her "cheeky girl".

"She's beautiful every time I go to her house," she said.

"She ran and call my name."

The grieving grandmother said Antony wanted to build a prayer room in his house.

"Antony promised me to look after me when I grow old," she said.

Georgette Abdallah has remembered her three grandchildren as "angels". Image: 10 News First

Abdallah remembered her grandchildren would always ask to be taught how to make her food, and how a dish made of cabbage leaves was the last meal they ate before the accident.

"They always say 'Teta, I love your food'," Abdallah said.

"I made it for them and they ate it for last meal. That was their last meal."

Hundreds attend a vigil and prayer session for the children at the scene of the crash on Monday night. Image: Facebook

Hundreds of people gathered at the site of the crash on Monday night for a prayer session. The site has been inundated with flowers, notes and toys to remember the lost lives.

"Thanks everyone who come here supporting us," Abdallah said.

"And please pray for us, not them. They are in heaven, pray for my son and his wife."