Dig Out Those Umbrellas, More Rain Is On Its Way For The Next Week

Large parts of NSW will cop significant rainfall in coming days, with nearly a week straight of rain predicted.

Some parts of the state received more than 50 millimetres of rain on Sunday and into Monday, with the wet stuff expected to keep falling for much of the week.

Thunderstorm warnings have been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology in northern areas of NSW for Monday, with heavy rainfall and a chance of hail predicted.

From Wednesday, much of the east coast will see prolonged rain until the end of the week.

The extended rain is the result of a coastal trough along the north of the state which is associated with a low deepened tropical trough dragging in moisture, the BOM forecaster said.

"It will move gradually south as the week goes on," the forecaster said.

While the widespread rainfall will be significantly higher than that we've experienced in the past month, it will not be "drought-breaking", the BOM said.

Predicted rainfall for Thursday, February 6. Image: Bureau of Meteorology

Northern inland towns near Moree and Walgett are predicted to get as much as 50 millimetres of rain on Wednesday, with sustained downpours for a few days.

The coastal area from Coffs Harbour to Lismore could be hit with 100 millimetres of rain on Thursday.

By Friday, the system will have made its way down the coast, with the Mid North Coast, Hunter, Greater Sydney and Wollongong areas expected to see significant falls.

Bushfire-affected areas around Moruya on the South Coast will be hit by rainfall on Friday as well.

Predicted rainfall for Friday, February 7. Image: Bureau of Meteorology

In Sydney, the highest rainfall is expected to fall on the coming weekend, with 45 millimetres the maximum rain predicted to fall on both Saturday and Sunday.

The BOM said there will be isolated thunderstorms and heavier rainfalls, particularly in the south.

Drought-stricken parts of regional Queensland are forecast to receive significant rain this week.

Daily falls of up to 30mm are forecast for the rest of the week across the Maranoa and Warrego regions, which largely missed out on downpours in January.

"This is going to be the most significant rainfall by the time we finish this week that they have seen in quite sometime," Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Harry Clark said.

Rain will hit most parts of the state this week, with the heaviest falls expected on Wednesday.

The state's southeast region will also get a reprieve from recent heat. Some towns that have recorded temperatures up to 10C above the February average are forecast to cool off by Tuesday.

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