Calls For Passenger In Deadly Oatlands Crash To Be Charged With Accessory To Manslaughter

A Victims Advocate is calling for Samuel Davidson’s passenger to be charged as an accessory to manslaughter following Saturday’s crash that left four children dead.

Davidson, 29, is accused of being three times the legal blood-alcohol limit when he allegedly ran down a group of seven children with his 4WD, killing four of them.

Abdallah siblings Sienna, eight, Angelina, 12, and Antony, 13, died at the scene in Oatlands, in Sydney's west, alongside their cousin Veronique Sakr, 11.

Davidson is charged with 20 offences including four counts of manslaughter.



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Now Victims Advocate Howard Brown is calling for Davidson's 24-year-old passenger to be charged as an accomplice.

Speaking exclusively to 10 News First, Brown said this "whole thing could have been prevented" if the passenger stopped the driver from getting in the car.

He believes if you allow someone to drive a car when you know they are intoxicated and incapable of driving correctly, it means you are breaking the law.

"If you're breaking the law you should be brought before the courts and dealt with accordingly," Brown said.

Davidson is facing 20 charges, including four counts of manslaughter.

"We've lost four lives here and three people have been seriously injured. We have to send a very clear message."

He said he had worked on a previous case where a woman was charged after allowing her partner to drive under the influence. Brown also drew similar conclusions in armed robbery cases.

"Under normal circumstances, if we're talking about an armed robbery and someone gets shot, the person assisting in the armed robbery -- even though he doesn't pull the trigger-- is charged as a joint criminal enterprise," he added.

Brown said the passenger should be charged with accessory to the manslaughter of four young children and the serious bodily harm of another three.

He also said he a agrees with fresh calls for a zero blood-alcohol laws but said Australia has a lot of "growing up" to do.

"We need to understand we are going to lose 60 to 70 people this year due to death in motor vehicles, arising from the consumption of alcohol," Brown said.

Kathy Parker


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Like most of Australia, I woke Sunday morning to the news of the four children whose lives were tragically taken by an alleged drunk driver behind the wheel of a car he should never have gotten into that night.

"We have to grow up. My own view is that we should go to .02 but the bottom line is... if we can't handle our alcohol we're going to have to change the rules.

"Enough is enough. This has to stop."

In NSW, the blood-alcohol limit is currently 0.05 for most drivers but a zero alcohol limit applies for learner and p-plate drivers.

NSW Police told 10 daily they are investigating the circumstances surrounding the crash and have not ruled out further charges.