Family Of Four Kids Killed In Tragic Crash Warns Hoax Fundraisers Are Circulating Online

The family of four children killed in a horrific crash in Oatlands, Sydney, is warning fake online fundraising pages are allegedly exploiting the family's tragic loss for profit.

The Sydney Children's Hospital told 10 daily scammers were trying to cash in on the tragedy and the family had not given permission to various fundraisers that were claiming to help them.

Several fundraisers have been set up after the deaths of siblings Antony, 13, Angelina, 12, Sienna, nine, and their cousin Veronique, 11, who were killed when a car ploughed into them while they were walking in their neighbourhood on Saturday night.

Three of the children killed in the Oatlands crash -- Sienna, Antony and Angelina. Image: Supplied
Veronique, 11, was also killed in the crash. Image: Supplied.

Sydney Children's Hospital said on Monday the family had only personally approved one fundraiser run by family friend Stuart Bonds on Facebook.

“My dear friend just lost 3 of his precious children,” Mr Bond said.

“Money cannot solve this. But it can allow their father, Danny, to stay at home with his wife and children where he’s needed.”



Calls For Zero Blood-Alcohol Limit After Accused Drunk Driver Allegedly Killed Four Kids

In the wake of a horror crash that killed four children in Sydney, experts are calling for Australia to implement a zero blood-alcohol limit for drivers.

GoGetFunding told 10 daily a campaign alleging to be raising money for the family was "was stopped and deleted as soon as it was brought to our attention".

"We have a number of measures in place to try to minimise such campaigns appearing on our site but it is extremely difficult to identify all fake campaigns -- particularly as most legitimate, genuine crowdfunding campaigns are time-sensitive and rely on the ability to raise and access funds quickly," a spokesperson at GoGetFunding said.

"We regularly review and adjust our security procedures in order to combat all elements of fraud but fraudsters are incredibly determined, technologically-competent and are relentless in their pursuit of criminal gain," the said.

A woman and a young girl pauses near flowers placed at the scene of the alleged crash. Image: AAP

Another fundraising website, Fundrazr, paused a campaign after receiving multiple reports.

The site was unable to immediately verify whether the fundraiser was a hoax or legitimate.

"It did not raise any funds," it told 10 daily.



Mum Of Three Kids Killed In Horror Crash Forgives Alleged Drunk-Driver

A mother said she "can't hate" the alleged drunk-driver involved in the crash that killed three of her children, as she prayed for her "angels" in heaven. 

"As there is no way for us to verify the intent of campaigns like this which may have been started by well-meaning friends or family in the name of the victims, we rely on the community who knows the beneficiaries assisting us by reporting their concerns.

"Even in circumstances where the campaign at first appears fraudulent, we request information from the campaign owner on their relationship with the beneficiaries."

Flowers placed at the scene where seven children were hit on a footpath by a four-wheel drive in the Sydney suburb of Oatlands, Sunday, February 2, 2020. Four children have died and a fifth is in a critical condition after they were hit by a four-wheel drive while on the footpath in Sydney's northwest. (AAP Image/Joel Carrett) NO ARCHIVING

10 daily has contacted several fundraising sites where alternate fundraisers appear, asking for comment.

GoFundMe told 10 daily it is not aware of any illegitimate campaigns on its platform.

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