'Feisty' Croc Stolen, Police Investi-Gator Looking For Thief

Snappy Tom the crocodile and a barramundi were stolen from a Far North Queensland environment education facility over the weekend.

The small estuarine crocodile is around 60cm long, but police warn that you could easily lose a finger, describing Snappy Tom as having sharp teeth and being "quite feisty".

Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre, a Queensland Education facility in Cairns, took to Facebook on Tuesday after discovering the theft that is understood to have happened over the Australia Day long weekend,

"Devastated to come to work this morning and find that someone has stolen our crocodile and a barra from our aquarium," they shared, before publishing a photo of a kicked-in cabin door at the facility.

Police believe the theft is most likely a case of "show and tell" and are hopeful that a member of the public will come forward with information about who has Snappy Tom.

The croc is a featured part of the facility's aquarium area, described as a valuable learning resource with live exhibits of estuarine and freshwater and reef species.

Police say despite his small size, Snappy Tom the crocodile has sharp teeth and a feisty attitude. PIC WIN Townsville

Despite their missing crocodile, the education centre says they're still excited for the new year.

"No way that some thoughtless people are going to stop us from having a great 2020 and educating people to take care of each other and our environment!"

If you have information for police, contact Policelink on 131 444