Aussie Woman Takes Swipe At Cops For Posting 'Trailer Trash' Mug Shot

An Australian woman has taken a cheeky swipe at police for posting an unflattering "trailer trash" mugshot of her online.

Tiffany-Anne Brislane-Brown is wanted over alleged stealing offences.

Police in Newcastle, NSW, shared the "most recent image" they had of the 23 year old. It was taken in 2015 and shows Brislane-Brown with her hair in a messy bun and a tattoo on her shoulder which reads: "We don't remember days, we remember moments".

Police were appealing for information about her whereabouts, saying she is known to frequent areas in Newcastle including Wallsend.

"Please refrain from comments that are prejudicial or offensive," they wrote alongside the image.

Despite the warning, the post was flooded with a deluge of comments so Brislane-Brown decided to hit back.

"Loving the photo taken how many years ago," she wrote.

"Let's calm down on the comments guys. It's not everyday I look like trailer trash. Let's just say it wasn't a good angle shall we."

Newcastle Police responded by writing: "(It's) probably time you walk into a police station before we find you."

While many comments poked fun at Brislane-Brown, some users were more sympathetic and concerned.

"I pray none of you ever have a family member or friend in this situation because most of you are just plain downright nasty with your personal attacks on this girl," one person wrote.

"This is someone's daughter, sister, loved one etc. Have a heart please."

Newcastle Police also responded to people who were calling for the police department to switch off the comments feature.

Authorities responded by saying Brislane-Brown is "wanted and knows it".

"We will review and remove comments when we have time. In the mean time we will focus our time on finding her and putting her before the courts," Newcastle Police said.