Going Out In Style: Glitter Coffins Are A Thing

A U.K. company is offering glitter coffins to Australian customers for those who want to be remembered with a bit of sparkle.

The Glitter Coffin Company makes made-to-order coffins that are now shipped worldwide.

The company offers nearly 20 colour options, and each coffin is priced individually.

The company offers a range of colours. Image: The Glitter Company

While the coffins must be ordered through a funeral home, the company's ashes boxes are available to be ordered online.

Each ashes box will set you back about $30.

The company now ships its coffins worldwide. Image: The Glitter Company

For the environmentally-minded among us, the company assures customers the glitter does not give off any emissions if cremated.

"Our glitter coffins have passed the FFMA coffin testing requirements for them to be able to be used for cremations and burials," the company website said.

"Our Glitter shards are then added on to a 100% cotton fabric backed cloth which is bio-degradable over time when used for burials also."

Ashes boxes are available to be bought online. Image: The Glitter Company

If glitter is too much for some, other Australian companies offer custom-made coffins so people can still go out in style.

One company, Expression Coffins, image-wraps coffins to make funerals "more meaningful for families," its website said.



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With each purchase of a coffin, Expression Coffins plants a a memorial tree on the family's behalf.

"This special tree will be planted by a non-profit group dedicated to the reforestation, maintenance and protection of trees in Australia," it said.

Feature Image: The Glitter Coffin Company